Dog Friendly Parks

The Geelong region has hundreds of dog lovers, and there are plenty of walking tracks, parks and recreation reserves where owners can take their pets.

Each Shire within the Geelong region has responsibility for regulating where and when you can walk your dog.

City of Greater Geelong

Dogs off-lead

In general, dogs are allowed off-leash in public parks and reserves, except on or near paths, playgrounds and picnic areas where they should be under effective control (unless otherwise signed).

What is effective control?

  • Dogs can immediately controlled by voice commands.
  • Dogs are within close proximity of owner.
  • Dogs are prevented from approaching people or other dogs unless invited.

If in doubt, place your dog/s back on lead out of respect and harmony for all.

Parks where dogs are permitted off-leash

  • Sections of the Barwon River
  • Belmont Common South (including South Barwon Reserve)
  • Fyansford Common
  • Thirteenth Beach, Barwon Heads, between 40W and 35W. And between 34W and 30W.
  • Beach between Bonnyvale Road, Ocean Grove to Fellows Road, Point Lonsdale
  • Section of the beach Queenscliff Road, Queenscliff
  • Beach between The Dell, Clifton Springs to Ramblers Road, Portarlington
  • Sections of the beach along the Esplanade, Portarlington
  • Sections of the beach along the Esplanade, St Leonards and Indented Head
  • Beach between Clifton Avenue to McDermott Road, Clifton Springs
  • Beach between Breamlea Road to 50W, Breamlea

Parks where dogs must be on-lead at all times

Dogs must be on leash at all times when they are being walked:

  • on a road, footpath or nature strip;
  • on a pathway unless the dog is more than five metres either side of the pathway;
  • at a shopping centre or high use areas;
  • on a sports ground or oval during times of sport;
  • within 10 metres of a playground, picnic or barbecue area;
  • on a jetty or a pier;
  • or swimming in a river, creek or other water body (check signage at beaches).

Dogs must be on-leash at all times in these parks:

  • Barwon River Trail
  • Barwon Valley Fun Park
  • Belmont Common South (including South Barwon Reserve)
  • McDonald Reserve
  • The Dell
  • Yollinko Park
  • Zillah Crawcour Park
  • The Bellarine Rail Trail
  • Waterfront Geelong
  • Ted Wilson Trail
  • Waurn Ponds Creek

Click here to view a map of areas within the City of Greater Geelong indicating where dogs can be walked off lead.

For further information, call 5272 5272.

Surf Coast Shire

Within the township areas of the Surf Coast Shire, dogs must be on a lead in all public places except for some specifically nominated areas. Beach areas have signage indicating whether dogs need to be on or off lead.

Click here to view a map of areas within the Surf Coast Shire indicating where dogs can be walked off lead.

Care for Hooded Plovers

The Hooded Plover is native in the Geelong region. They are a threatened species in Victoria. Please be aware of these special creatures while you and your dog enjoy the outdoors, and follow regulations to help ensure their survival.

What they look like

The adult Hooded Plover is about 20 cm high, sandy-brown above with a white underside. It has a black head, white nape and red bill.

Where are they?

They are often seen running along the edge of the sea, pecking at the wet sand to pick up items of food. Hooded Plovers nest at the high tide mark on our beaches.

You can help save Hooded Plovers from extinction by

  • Read the signs advising whether Hooded Plovers are present, and whether your dog should be put on a leash.
  • Keep off the sand dunes where Hooded Plovers nest and take refuge with their flightless chicks.
  • Keep near the water’s edge. Hooded Plovers nest above the high tide mark.

Hooded Plovers nest between August and March.

Click here for further information.